About Me


I like to interrogate things.

I like to improve things.

And I like to tell a good story.

Though my career has taken many directions, a recurring theme throughout my work has been the nature of work itself and what it means to people. I’ve had the rare privilege of talking to, and working with, people in just about every possible working environment in the private, public, education and third sectors. I’ve been able to see how the world works, and that’s given me a lot of insight into how people work.

It’s been, and is, an endless source of inspiration for me – and is a key component of the wisdom I can bring to any problem, business or client, working directly with individuals, teams and organisations as a ‘creative’ advisor and helping them develop their business, brand and culture strategies.

From working on specific culture and brand/story-telling rooted projects to providing bespoke training – to simply being a sounding board in brainstorm facilitation – my aim is to help others develop their creativity and ingenuity by providing ‘disruptive’ ideas and experiences that can encourage them to look at problems differently – and find better solutions, naturally.

You can find out more about my career journey here…

Matthew Sinclair, 2016

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